Key Cutting And Duplication Services: 5 FAQs

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The services offered by locksmiths are indispensable. They help you regain access to your home, workplace, and vehicle quickly, whether by picking your lock or creating a new copy of your key. In fact, key cutting and duplication services are some of the most sought-after by customers. Of course, you probably have some questions about key cutting and duplication services. Luckily, you have come to the right place for answers.

Key Cutting And Duplication Services: 5 FAQs

While you may have a vague idea of what key cutting and duplication services involve, it never hurts to be more well-informed about them. Here are five frequently asked questions and answers about this topic:

1. What Are Key Cutting And Duplication?

Key cutting and duplication is a locksmith service that involves making a copy of an already existing key. It involves using a machine that creates a copy using either a key template or the original key. This service is typically available through most 24/7 locksmith services, including ours at Quality Lock and Key.

2. When Should Key Cutting And Duplication Services Be Sought?

There are quite a few situations that warrant key cutting and duplication services. The most common reason people seek out this service is to obtain a backup copy of a current key. Someone might also obtain a duplicate key if they are hosting a guest for a prolonged period of time and need them to have easy access to their home. Finally, these services might be needed if you accidentally break your key and need a new copy right away.

3. How Do Key Cutting Machines Work?

Key duplicators usually have two sides, one with the original or template and the other with a blank key. An alignment bar is present to ensure the keys are aligned correctly. Then, the machine is turned on, and a new copy of your key is made.

4. What Kinds Of Key Cutting Machines Do Locksmiths Use?

Of course, not all key duplicators are the same. There are actually different kinds of machines for key cutting and duplication services used by locksmiths. Manual, automatic, and laser key duplicators are most commonly utilized. Manual ones aren’t used very often, though, due to not being the most accurate. Automatic and laser key duplicators create more precise copies, making them ideal for any locksmith. There are also specialized duplicating machines for keys that work with specific locks.

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5. Is This Service Available For Car Keys?

Key cutting and duplication services are available for car keys. In fact, there are specialized high-security duplicators that cut car keys, among other kinds of high-security keys. This specialized machine is especially necessary if your car key has an RFID chip or transponder and is not just a simple manual car key. That said, not all locksmiths have access to these machines, so ask if they have the means to duplicate your car key before hiring them.

Ask About Quality Lock And Key’s Excellent Key Cutting And Duplication Services!

We hope that all your questions about this essential locksmithing service have been answered to your satisfaction. You now know how key duplicators work, that there are many kinds of duplication machines, when to seek out this service, and that it’s available for residential, commercial, and automotive purposes. All that’s left to do is find the best locksmith to provide this service. 

The good news is that Quality Lock and Key is known for excellent key cutting and duplication services. Our locksmiths will be able to make a copy of your key anytime, thanks to our 24/7 operation. Contact us today for a quality key copy.